Swiftium Bluetooth
barcode reader coupled with Bluetooth Blackberry

2D and 1D barcode reader
Wireless worldwide
Crisp colored screen
Full keyboard
Pearl navigation
Bluetooth printer

Our Products

Capture and View your leads with your Apple or Android
device that has the ability to scan QR barcodes.
Register for a special Event and create your own badge.

SwiftScan Web
Use our wireless barcode scanner to capture leads
encoded in any barcode format. Apple, Android.
(IPad, iPhone, Droid, Xoom and more).

Integrated Blackberry abd Barcode Reader
New features:

- Request help from help desk from
  the push of a button.
- Change battery within seconds.
- Receive instructions automatically in
  your email for follow up after a show.

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Swiftium is the leader of Lead Retrieval Worlwide.

From simple  Point and Click to sophisticated applicatins, we cover it all. 
Swiftium system provides wireless handheld units with unsurpassed 2D or 1D barcode readers and 2 or 3 tracks magstripe reader with automatic data storage both locally on an SD card and on the Web. The data captured can be accessed immediately on the Internet and downloaded locally in Excel or Text format.

Swiftium develops all its Hardware and Software in the USA. This is why we can customize immediately in house our products to satisfy your needs. 

Swiftium development team has 15 years experience in developing Blackberry applications. Swiftium uses the latest technology for reading barcodes or magstripes, and no other devices on the market can compare to the quality of the readers.

Some of the mutiple features of the system:

Automated setup for any barcode, magstripe, text note recording, custom questions, unsurpassed barcode reading capabilities, session tracking, access control (choice of access control encodings [pat. pend.]), demographics, reads up to 10000 barcodes per charge, remote monitoring of handheld devices (pat. pend.), remote setup of handheld devices (session change, setup change, time change), remote customer support through messaging, Bluetooth printer.